About Us

Hamza Parwez



Snowtech electronics was started in the year 2008. We are a medium sized company dealing in Electronics/Electricals. We are a sister company toSnowflakes refrigeration and air-conditioning. which is one of the oldest refrigeration companies in Mombasa. We are also associated with QOOLSEC Technologies Ltd which deals in importation and wholesale of security & cooling products.

We have two registered trademarks solely owned by us namely; I-VISION security product and BARDAN Air-conditioners.

As a result of our forward-thinking attitude and our commitment to total customer satisfaction Snowtech electronics has become one of the growing air-conditioning & security networks in the region. Over the last two years the company quadrupled the size of its customer base and as a result saw its sales grew up by 100 percent in the same period. With a lot of attention to further service improvements and re-investment in future development, Snowtech Electronics ltd expects to maintain a similar level of growth for the next three years. We believe that living well means living with the best and for this we intend on providing top quality products through rigorous technology and product development. With the confidence in our electronic brands, we would like to be a part of your active, modern life style by providing a quality, daily necessity with our unbeatable after sales services.

We aim at becoming a preferred contractor of engineering and supply services and leading in providing state of the art, cutting edge, and best of breed electrical/electronic technology encompassing the fields of IT, security, telecommunications, HVAC (cooling) industry, hallmark for excellence and reliability.

Electrical energy is a cornerstone of our quality of life. There will be a continuing need for product and services to harness its use. Snowtech electronics ltd will strive to be best-in-class as a distributor of quality products and services and a responsible corporate citizen.

Snowtech Electronics ltd empowers all employees to create, implement, and improve our Services to meet and exceed external and internal customer expectations. Our company pledges to train all personnel in continuous process improvement (CPI); to provide the financial resources necessary to continuous process improvement: and create a work environment which develops motivated, knowledgeable employees committed to the corporate mission. Continuous process improvement will be driven toward improved customer satisfaction and enhanced customer loyalty.

Our mission is to be the leading provider of innovative and high quality cooling, security systems including CCTV, access controls, alarm systems, information & telecommunication networks that complement and enhance the functionality of high-performance equipment.

We foster honest and no-nonsense communication with all our business partners. Our aim is to be #1 in providing service and value to our dealers and end users. We intend to build effective and long lasting relationships that bring benefits to all. Internally, we foster open and direct communication between all members of our organization regarding both our daily operations and decision making. Everyone within the firm is given maximum responsibility to his or her capability. We have created a culture that delivers continuous improvements, both in the quality of our products and our services.

Business with Us
Thank you for your interest in doing business with Snowtech electronics ltd. As a company we offer a huge variety of security devices to our respected clients. Research, development and commercialization are the few factors that contributed in our success. Through out the way of success we have realized that to be successful and innovative in the global market, collaboration is greatly needed factor externally and internally.

Since we started from the scratch we found that innovation and achievement are basically co-parallel factors, so we greatly support the sharing of innovative ideas that could be helpful to our fellow clients. To meet the customer's requirements we will appreciate to share the past successes and achievements. Considering all these beliefs.

We would even like to gather our knowledge in learning about new technologies that will help us to meet the present day security need very efficiently. We have a good will that has been achieved due to our professionalism view point. We truly believe that a knowledge and business culture can only be created when both the sides receive the benefits. So, we would also like to share our knowledge, ideas, and successes which will help you and your organization to meet your respective agenda.

Should you need any of our services kindly contact us